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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Sad:Blueberries

One of the great perks of visiting Gary and Linda in the month of July is scouring the acres and acres of wild huckleberries that line their property. Last year, when we visited I was so pleased with our success I wrote it on the calendar to visit the same week this year. Last year we brought home about 20 pounds of blueberries if I remember correctly.

This year, Gary and I and the Panda went to see how the blueberries were faring this year and it was a sad and sorry sight. Some were green still, it was a bit early-but even the green ones were not in the usually generous clumps but rather, were in groups of three or so. It was a bad bad bad BAD year for blueberries.

I went out early the next morning and decided I would get what I could from the single spheres of blue that popped haphazardly through the green leaves. I left an hour later with about 1 cup.

ONE CUP! Compared to last years ABUNDANT harvest! I was disgusted. So disgusted in fact, that I left them there and didn't even bother bringing them home.

So, thankfully, I still have blueberry jam enough for a goodly portion of the year left from LAST years harvest, and thanks to my silly forgetfulness of the berries in the freezer this past year, we still have some frozen for special treats.

But that was DEFINATELY a let-down.
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smilnsigh said...

And around these parts, they're saying it's a good year for Blueberries. Go figure hu? :-)


devildogwife said...

What a bummer! We were having a good year around here. We may need to head back out actually because we've eaten almost all of the berries we picked. (That's ALOT!)

Rebecca said...

Hmmm-maybe it IS a good year and was just a bad time. Knowing my luck-they will be profuse and abundant the weeks that I am gone! :-)