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Saturday, July 28, 2007

gots a ?

Does anyone know if this reddish berry is an elderberry?

Someone told me there was an elderberry bush down the road a bit so I went scouting and found these berries. I looked up 'Elderberry' online but it only shows the foliage, not the berry.

ANYWAY. If anyone knows, please let me know. I have elderberry plans!

PS. While scouting, I discovered the MOST succulent, juicy, berry-laden amazing black raspberry bushes EVER. Each berry was the size of a GRAPE! As soon as Corynn wakes up, we will be heading out together. Wa-Hoo!

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Abigail said...

If they're NOT elderberries, they're a most fine imitation! That was a fruitful walk. (And, no, not until after plunking out that sentence did I realize the pun...)

SB said...

They look a bit different than the elderberries in Germany, which are darker and have a more dense clump of berries. But I suppose the color could be the pictures.

Tracy said...

I grew up in PA, and those don't look like the elderberries that grew on our property, though they may be. Our were a VERY dark purlpe, and had more berries. They also had a white flower on the trees; people would cut the flowers and dips them in a batter and fry them.

Tracy said...

Here's a link with a picture of the fruit


Tracy said...

another link


I'm not wanting you all to get sick!

Tracy said...

This site is very good. Notice how the pictures show purple stems? It says not to eat red or green elderberries, as you will get very sick. So, if yours ARE elderberries, they aren't ready. I also think your leaf looks a little broad. Sorry if I'm coming across as a know it all. I'm not, just trying to be helpful.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, what Tracy posted above - those are not domesticated elderberries, I'd hold off using them. (Yeah, they have to be dark purple when they are ready - they make more of a mess that way! :) )

Anonymous said...

Do go to town with the black raspberries though!!!

Jthemilker said...

I'm fairly certain that those are not elderberries. Sorry - keep looking though. Usually where you find them there will be an abundance!

Abigail said...

My brothers and I used to forage for elderberries when I was younger. They weren't the yummiest berries in the land, and I've obviously forgotten exactly what they look like, but d'ya like how I responded somewhat ambivalently so that I wouldn't be wrong no matter what the outcome? We just watched Snow White last night for the first time, though, and with that in mind, I jump on the comments bandwagon to make my stand...


(You've already won your
Prince Farming, and something tells me his kiss wouldn't be the same balm for you as Prince Charming's was for Snow White.)