What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not on account of the position and work, but on account of the word and faith from which the obedience and the work flow. ~ Martin Luther

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Celebrating baby: Part 1

Oh the sweetlings that are preparing to make, or have already made, entrance into this big world of ours! They seem to be everywhere! (except of course, my own lonely belly)

Having children is SUCH a blessing and no matter if it is your FIRST or your FIFTEENTH, each one should be eagerly anticipated, welcomed and celebrated as a gift. I know the great joy of having babies. I have known the sweet moment of a mama and baby meeting eye to eye. It is a magical thing and touches me to my core. Which is why, I find it VERY difficult NOT to celebrate with others as they partake of their own sweet life moments, birth moments, and baby moments.

There are six wee ones out there, who are being celebrated in a small way, by me, each day as I work in my craft room so that I might send something special to them, made with love, thread, and uplifted prayers.

I will be posting many of these gifts in the days ahead-and I will NOT be telling who they are for. Those of you who have or are expecting gifts from me-surprises are GOOD and I will NOT spoil them. And so-you must wait and wonder until a nice little package arrives at YOUR doorstep.

Here is the first segment to these many baby gifts...as you can see, my crocheting is now taking on several NEW shapes! :-)
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LBP said...

Your baby sweater sets are just gorgeous. I really love the colors they are some of my favorites. Unfortunately my baby days are over. My baby will soon turn 16!

Very lucky will be the recipient of these beautiful sets!

bibbymj said...

What a beautiful set! They would look so adorable on Baby Bibby. :-) I sure do wish I could crochet, but I love to cross stitch instead. What fun you are having. God will fill your womb in His timing. Wait on Him. Psalm 27:14.

Rebecca said...

lbp~thanks for your comments, I am a pastel fanatic too and find myself drawn to them most of all...

Mrs. Bibby~I have thought a similar thing and wanted to ask you for E&J's address...but keep it a secret. PLease. I don't know WHAT I would do for them, but I want to do SOMETHING. So, when you can, please pass it on.

Your cross stitch is amazing and I LOOK FORWARD to the time when I can polish my skills in that area-I just can't seem to concentrate without losing track of stitches in this time in my life! ;-)

Thank you for the reminder. I have been warned so many times that if you leave it in God's hands, you will be 'overly blessed' with too many! Hearing this message over and over never led me to believe I could be 'overly blessed' but DID make me believe it would happen quickly. I keep reminding myself of my blessings and urging myself to be content.

But-I still have moments... :-)

Elizabeth said...

This is so lovely too-wonderful job Rebecca!!!

Mrs. B. said...

Check your email! :-)

Kim said...

OH your sets are so sweet! I love making little baby things to. I'm turning into a real mush puddle lattly with any thing small and cute lol.

Julian said...

I am a mom of 7. 2 step, 5 my own. One of thoes children is a baby girl named Faith. I was 4 months pregnant, and she just stopped growing. So, she is our treasure in Heaven, that we will get to see one day. I too started making baby blankets for others. I found it helped me to hurt less, and heal more. I just wanted to encourage you, dont give up making these beautiful things for others. God sees you, and He knows you so very intimately. He sees the sacrifice of love you are making, for others, while you are not pregnant. He sees, I promise. His timing is so great, and truly awesome. Praying for you,

Abigail said...

Well done! These are lovely.