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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Secret Sister

Has anyone ever done 'Secret Sisters' before? If not~you should. It is super fun.

Tamara at Training Hearts hosted one through blogdom...among Mama's who homeschool. I begged and pleaded her to let me join too, even though my children are still too young for bonafide, record-keeping schooling. I AM teaching Corynn to read, slowly but surely, and I guess she figured that was good enough. Because she let me!

Many of you know how much I LOVE to get snail mail (and send it!) and so, what better way to shoo away the lonelies than to get something in the mail every now and again???

The commitment is to mail something to your secret sister twice a month at least. I am finding it VERY fun thinking of what MY secret sister would enjoy receiving and making plans for some good surprises.

Introduction aside: I received my very first Secret Sister package in the mail! Oh~the goodies I received! First of all, can you tell how cheerful and enthusastic the package was dressed? It didn't stay that way for long, as you can see...

When I opened it, I saw something I have NEVER seen before...they have cards out there SPECIFICALLY for Secret Sisters! Wow. This is the first time I have ever done a secret sister of any sort, so I did NOT know that. It won't be the LAST time (I am afraid I may be addicted already) so that is good to know for future reference.

When I first tore the paper, i could smell something delicious. I sniffed the paper, wondering if my sneaky little sister had sprayed perfume on it, then on the envelope, then card-trying to find the source of the yummy smell. I found it in a lovely little candle which I now have burning in my entranceway~so that when people come, they will be greeted with a tantalizing aroma.

(If I were a GOOD entertainer, I had better make some treats so they can actually consume something without just being teased!)

I also got some iced tea mix and a lovely little notepad with coordinating pen.

I tell you this, My Secret Sister, a sly little lurker of Renaissance, has got me PEGGED. Seriously.

Thank you for making my day, SS...You done good! :-)
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Gena said...

Secret Sisters are so much fun. We did them once at church and I loved it! I wonder if I could get something like that started in my neighborhood?

You got some really great goodies!

Tracy said...

I have done secret sisters at church too. It really is great!

I'd love to know how you do the pictures like you do. Four or nine in a square.

BTW, I love snail mail too!

Kelli said...

OOoh..such lovely gifts, Rebecca! The secret sister program sounds wonderful!

Training Hearts said...

woo hoo....I'm glad that you are enjoying your participation...makes the work on my end worth every minute of time well spent :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca,
I'm so glad you like your little package! The way you photograph it makes it look even better than I remember. lol I can't really tell you what the scent of the candle is, the container they were in in the store said "marshmallow", but I don't think that's right - I think it's more of a butter rum or butterscotch, or maybe even a coffee - do you have any guesses? I liked it so much I had to get myself one, so we will have to burn our candles together. lol Have a super day! Thinking of you and praying for you. Wish I could have been shopping with you in Amish country! Lots of Love,
Your Secret Sis